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Welcome to Up With A Bang!

This is a "throw-away" domain I've had for decades that I occassionally throw random things up on. This morning though, I decided on a small and more practical use for it. Backlinks.

Here is how it will work. I'll post links to new startup web sites that need a boost. This website gets no traffic itself, so don't think I'm really doing you any favours. Plus, the first few sites in the list will probably (guaranteed) be my own sites, or at least sites that I'm closely associated with.

Want a backlink here?

You probably can't have one... Unless you're part of an online startup community that I belong to - that way I would know you are legit and not a scammer.

This list will be a list of new websites and startups who just want to start getting their message out.

Website Directory

  • Check out this online animation website where you can create fireworks and much more. Animations can be customized using on-page controls, by source code, or uploading your own images. Download animations as Javascript packages for upload to your site.
  • Customize gifs with names and messages. Including birthday gifs and christmas gifs. You can download each customized animation as a video (quicker and easier) or as an actual gif.
  • Why Christmas? Do you even have to ask? This beautiful informational Christmas website is a must visit each holiday season.
  • Art. Carla Lam is a Canadian artist who works in oil, creative mark making, and letting the process inform her subject.
  • Chibur. connect and support those with common passions, to achieve remarkable goals.