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Escaping in a Query String

As you are probably aware HTML requires that the ampersade character & be typed out as &. This must also be done in URLs:

The address:


URL contains an ampersade

What happens when the query string contains a ampersade? For example: & bytes

In the example above the category is "bits & bytes" but since query strings recognize the ampersade as a field delimitor we have a problem. HTTP (which the descibes how a URL should look) has solution. The ampersade that is not a delimitor in the query string should be escaped into URL encoding. As, incidently, should spaces. An ampersade can be represented in a URL as %26. A space as %20. Therefore, the solution to the problem above is:

The anchor might look like this:

<a href=''>Show Category</a>

The follow table shows useful escape codes for use in URL query string.

Normal Character Encoding Character
 (space) %20
& %26
' (single quote) %27
" %22
? %3F
= %3D
+ %2B
% %25

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