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Sometimes you may find that features of your site are being regularly abused by specific spammers or other nefarious beings. It could be that you determine what address they are visiting from (see your server logs). When this occurs you can instruct your web server to block those addresses from accessing your site.

Backup your original .htaccess file

It is vital that you back up the original .htaccess file that is on your site. Then edit the original file to change or add what you need. Do not change or remove anything you don't understand. This can disable your web site if a mistake is made. But fortunately you'll have a backup of the original should you need to recover.

Example .htaccess file

Order Allow,Deny
Allow from All
Deny from
Deny from
Deny from 178.34.2.*

This is a rather straight forward method. Simply specify that everyone is allowed except the give IPs. The "*" specifies an entire range in the IP addresses. The "Order" statement is very important here.

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